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This preserve, good for flavoring your favorite meals, will allow you to give a special touch to the dishes that you bring to the table, first, second or main dish. This way, the success is guaranteed with the most discerning guests.

The chili, which is preserved in extra virgin olive oil, is suitable mainly for those who like the heating power of this product in the winter, or its strong and intense character and food savory flavor. But it can be also suitable for those who just want to give a touch of liveliness to your menu.

The method of conservation in extra virgin olive oil, simple and safe, allows us to leave unchanged the scents and flavors of chili. Also, the flavored oil will give panache to your food, transforming your delicious sauces, soups or bruschetti


Characteristics Value
Net Weight
80,00 gr
Jar Height
6,00 cm
Jar Width
5,50 cm


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