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Who we are

I Saraceni S.a.s. it is a young Molise company whose products, however, are linked to the typical taste of the rural tradition

Located in the municipality of Cercemaggiore, a beautiful terrace on the Matese mountains, in a landscape rich in history and culture. Our company, thanks to the choice of typical recipes, intends to bring to mind the ancient flavors of typical Molise cuisine.

In each of our products we enclose authenticity and quality without neglecting the fullness of taste that will surprise you with every taste. Our mission is to be able to make every single consumer happy by bringing products to the market that are able to satisfy the most diverse needs.

The Saracens S.a.s. transforms tomatoes into dense and full-bodied purées with which you can season your favorite dishes; Furthermore, the customer will be able to choose between different products in oil and vinegar with which to make a lunch, dinner or simply an aperitif with friends special.

And why not savor the authentic and strong taste of dried products or the delicate taste of fruit in syrup, which can also be chosen as a fine dessert.

Many varieties, all tasty... like the homemade ones.