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Only tomatoes that reached the right degree of ripeness will be used for a dense and full-bodied sauce that will improve all your tasty main courses.

The tomatoes, grown in the lands of Molise, are produced without using any pesticides and left to mature in the warm sun and the pure air of these places. Collected and selected by hand, as is traditional, the tomatoes retain their characteristics in terms of quality and authenticity. Finally, the processing, made of a few simple steps and especially the exclusion of any type of preservatives, allow us to achieve a product rich in nutritive quality and tasty as the ones made at home.

Available in two sizes, in order to allow the consumer to choose the one most suitable to their needs, with the guarantee of an always fresh product.


Characteristics Value
Net Weight 500,00 gr
Jar Height 16,50 cm
Jar Width 7,00 cm

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